I made my GF fuck like the nasty Japanese MILF in the porn and her pussy is still sore

Real men always make their women cry with a lot of pleasure with a bit of physical pain which is inevitable and fake men keep making their women cry with emotional pain all the time.

I have always firmly believed that the rule of use it or lose it applies a lot to the sexual prowess of both men and the women, especially the men. The veteran readers here know what I am talking about.

Nobody knows the pain of not having sex more than the celibate monks. Not having sex for a longer time is bound to lead to suicidal thoughts and that’s the reason why so many celibate Hindu monks commit suicide each year by drowning into the river Ganges and believe that it is holy.

I used to be very confused about what was it that made me sometimes feel very lazy and shitty after a good wank or sex sometimes and the other times, I would feel extremely energetic and great after having a good wank or sex. Well, I have finally concluded what it is – if I cum too early then I start having POIS symptoms and if I delay the orgasm for hours, I feel very energetic and great.

Me and my girlfriend talk a lot about sex whether we are indoors or outdoors. We use the term ‘snake’ for the dick and ‘cave’ for the vagina while talking about sex publicly.

You know what the greatest lie ever told is? To treat a woman like she and her pussy is made of gold. I treat my girlfriend like a piece of shit and she worships me and my cock alike, like a good devotee. Last night, I made her act like the busty Japanese MILF that was there in the porn movie that I watched a couple of weeks ago and my girlfriend’s pussy has been sore ever since.

Take care of your cock and never be a cuckold

I know a Pakistani guy living in Saudi Arabia who faced a great amount of racism, started having extra-marital affairs with the wives of Arab men to take a revenge and even made a few of them cuckold like you would see in a cuckold porn movie. He used to believe that trying kamasutra positions was a terrible idea until he tried those on one of the Arab MILFs and got addicted to the same.

There is a growing notion among the young men, especially MGTOWs, that a prostitute is worth it, which couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Nothing can match a hot girlfriend or a friend or neighbor with benefits, but those kids will not realize it until they will keep jacking off to their screens and their neighbors have all the fun with their own moms and sisters. Here is my message to all the guys who have this false notion that a hooker is better than a wife/girlfriend/FWB – A rock-solid cock is better than anything else that is rock-solid and until and unless you have a cock that is strong enough to make the women go mad, your experience of fucking a hooker is always going to be a better than fucking a regular and real woman. Even the teenage boys know that it is more fun to fuck a real woman that is not for hire than to fuck a hooker, you just need a strong and longer lasting cock to drive them crazy for you.

I have a friend who works as a cameraman for one of the top porn studios. He claims that the audience, especially the male audience is getting extremely bored with the incest porn lately, he claims that most of the porn again will be neighbors, doctors, teachers, lawyers, cuckolded, spouse, etc.

Apart from Jerking Off to Japanese pornstars, I have tasted their pussies as well

My great-grandfather used to tell me that a pretty hooker used to cost $5 to $15 back in his day. I wish all the time if I was born back in those times, I would not have to look for a Japanese Pornstar to jack off to all the time, but I would rather do the real thing all the time.

I have been working on creating a pussy scanner, a scanner that will be able to tell how many dicks a pussy has been fucked by over the years. I am confident that I will be confident in my endeavor and save men from marrying whores.

I have had fun with several different Japanese women, both old and young, and the best thing that I liked about them was that they were all very unpredictable and engaging.

I even met an escort while in Tokyo, who had been featured in several Japanese movies, but for the past 2 years or so, she was struggling to get a role. She was very frank and blunt about it unlike most other women who lie and brag about busy they are. I personally believe that Japanese men and women very rarely lie and in the entire continent called Asia, they seem to be the most honest ones as well, not to mention, the most skilled, talented and intelligent.

I once even hired a Japanese stripper and she was dressed up like a bodyguard. It was really one of a kind experience.

It is funny how some women believe that the precum and semen are the same thing and they are completely incorrigible when you try to convey to them that both are different. I think it has a lot to do with these females meeting men with low sperm count and watery semen whose precum and semen are equally thin and smell the same as well.

Busty middle-aged middle-class women are the best fucks you can ever have

The human body is always interested in sex, no matter what time of the day it is or what season or weather, your body, mind and soul are always equally interested in getting engaged in some sexual activity.

One of the most popular WWF, WCW, Wrestle Mania and WCW wrestlers – Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall always used to speak that nothing’s too good for Razor Ramon, but he couldn’t resist Brandi Love, when he took a picture of himself in his room during the Christmas and posted it on his Instagram.

I have a friend who claims that it is more fun to suck saggy boobs, especially if they are on a MILF, I completely disagree with him. Although we both agree on two things, we both are great Alia Janine fans and we are also girl boobs porn lovers.

I am not a homosexual person but I have personally observed that it is not always true that men with big hands have big cocks. I have noticed this in the porn movies and also during swinging in real life. I still believe that the dick of an average human being is not as big as it ought to be, I really hope that with all the sexual material available on Television, Internet, Billboards and on the streets everywhere, the men of the future will have larger dicks.

I have fucked some of the richest women in the city, and what I have discovered is that their pussies are tasteless compared to their middle-income counterparts. According to my personal experience, it is a big ass woman with big breasts whose pussy tastes the best.

Keep your young or old cock calm all the time with Amazon porn

With ever increasing number of prostitutes and pornstars, more cocks stay calm than ever before. Only a fraction of the cocks that don’t have an access to the high speed porn or the high class prostitutes only stay unsatisfied and erect all the time, the cocks with priapism are being counted as exceptions here.

Please help make the world a better, more pleasurable and calmer place by spreading and sharing as many Amazon porntube videos as possible.

I keep getting the same question because of my huge experience – MILFs or GILFs, which ones are better? Well, the answer is that most GILFs stand no chance in front of the MILFs, but some GILFs are just insatiable, one such example is the infamous ponrstar – Rita Daniels.

Due to my habit of picking up girls all the time, my friends have started calling me a pick up truck.

It is my personal observation and experience that athlete women work as hard in the bed as they do in the field.

I always have a question for the believers in evolution. If evolution is the truth, why do I enjoy the moans of the women that do not belong to the much evolved tribes but hate the moans of the apes? If you can answer this to me and I am satisfied with your answer, I promise you that I will spend rest of my life volunteering for the evolutionists.

I really hope that science will be able to offer us better ways to have more pleasurable orgasms in the near future.

Too big and too late, not too little and too early is the language of the real men

It is my personal observation that the more civilized you become, the more frequent you become to the escort agencies and/or independent escort girls, and even massage parlours, especially the Thai ones.

I have had fun with several Goa Model Escorts at my office and the classiest of those don’t let you fuck them on your office desk.

You can easily tell the class of an escort from her tone of voice.

Well-built escorts like well-built ladies in general, love to have more fun and enjoy simple things with a man. I still remember when I hired a surprise escort and she turned out to be one of my neighbors. She made her bra fell off in the most dramatic way that you can think of.

Nowadays, most female escorts, unlike they did in the past, do not believe in living rented apartments, penthouses or villas but rather they prefer their own home, no matter how small it is and in which neighborhood is it located.

It doesn’t matter how sexy, caring and beautiful the escort lady is, it is very rare that I see the same one again.

Saints and sages are as usual to the female escorts as the top military officers and corporates.

Since Whatsapp came into the picture, most escort agencies have been using phone calls, SMS or Whatsapp as their most preferred methods of communication, they have all given up on the email completely.

There are some women in their fifties that work as escorts too and they very rarely hide their age. I have personally hired some of those in the past.

You do not deserve to call yourself a vigorous and young man like myself, if you hire your escort for overnight and say ‘Good Night’ to her while she is with you.

Some men last 1 hour and think of themselves as some kind of bedroom warriors whereas real men like myself last for more than 3 hours on an average at a time and think of it as being normal.