Too big and too late, not too little and too early is the language of the real men

It is my personal observation that the more civilized you become, the more frequent you become to the escort agencies and/or independent escort girls, and even massage parlours, especially the Thai ones.

I have had fun with several North Goa escorts at my office and the classiest of those don’t let you fuck them on your office desk.

You can easily tell the class of an escort from her tone of voice.

Well-built escorts like well-built ladies in general, love to have more fun and enjoy simple things with a man. I still remember when I hired a surprise escort and she turned out to be one of my neighbors. She made her bra fell off in the most dramatic way that you can think of.

Nowadays, most female escorts, unlike they did in the past, do not believe in living rented apartments, penthouses or villas but rather they prefer their own home, no matter how small it is and in which neighborhood is it located.

It doesn’t matter how sexy, caring and beautiful the escort lady is, it is very rare that I see the same one again.

Saints and sages are as usual to the female escorts as the top military officers and corporates.

Since Whatsapp came into the picture, most escort agencies have been using phone calls, SMS or Whatsapp as their most preferred methods of communication, they have all given up on the email completely.

There are some women in their fifties that work as escorts too and they very rarely hide their age. I have personally hired some of those in the past.

You do not deserve to call yourself a vigorous and young man like myself, if you hire your escort for overnight and say ‘Good Night’ to her while she is with you.

Some men last 1 hour and think of themselves as some kind of bedroom warriors whereas real men like myself last for more than 3 hours on an average at a time and think of it as being normal.

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