Apart from Jerking Off to Japanese pornstars, I have tasted their pussies as well

My great-grandfather used to tell me that a pretty hooker used to cost $5 to $15 back in his day. I wish all the time if I was born back in those times, I would not have to look for a Japanese Pornstar to jack off to all the time, but I would rather do the real thing all the time.

I have been working on creating a pussy scanner, a scanner that will be able to tell how many dicks a pussy has been fucked by over the years. I am confident that I will be confident in my endeavor and save men from marrying whores.

I have had fun with several different Japanese women, both old and young, and the best thing that I liked about them was that they were all very unpredictable and engaging.

I even met an escort while in Tokyo, who had been featured in several Japanese movies, but for the past 2 years or so, she was struggling to get a role. She was very frank and blunt about it unlike most other women who lie and brag about busy they are. I personally believe that Japanese men and women very rarely lie and in the entire continent called Asia, they seem to be the most honest ones as well, not to mention, the most skilled, talented and intelligent.

I once even hired a Japanese stripper and she was dressed up like a bodyguard. It was really one of a kind experience.

It is funny how some women believe that the precum and semen are the same thing and they are completely incorrigible when you try to convey to them that both are different. I think it has a lot to do with these females meeting men with low sperm count and watery semen whose precum and semen are equally thin and smell the same as well.

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