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Every human child needs a parent to survive till a certain age. If not a parent then at least a guardian, but some crazy idiots are nowadays busy spreading rumors all over the social media that several great and legendary historic personalities survived without any parent or guardian while they were toddlers.

Netanya Mason (name changed) is a Jewish lady who was born and raised up in the beautiful tiny island country called Malta. Netanya Mason has been kicking the asses of these misguiding fake news spreaders on social media. Netanya Mason is a part-time Tel Aviv escort and part-time internet marketer and it is not a tough task for her to beat these guys alone. She knows how to do it very well. She is a one-woman army.

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Netanya is extremely tech-savvy too. She has all the latest gadgets you never heard of.

Like almost everyone on the planet, Netanya too has so many sad stories about herself to tell. Once she was accused by her own parents of stealing thousands of dollars from her own family. She never committed that crime but that event left a profound imprint on Netanya’s psyche that even her parents could think of her that way.

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