I participate in NoFap to have fun with as many escorts as possible

I remember meeting a hyperglot and hyperactive BBW escort lady once who happened to be an institute of sex in herself. She told me that she had been thinking about uploading lectures, tutorials and also assignments for the established and wannabe escorts on the Youtube and other platforms. She told me that she is going to do it in all the different languages that she is fluent in and the videos will also have annotations on. I met this BBW escort through a popular escort directory that goes by the name EscortPic.

If you yourself have been thinking about starting an escort service agency of your own, then let me tell you that you only post real photographs of the chicks working with you otherwise you have no chance of being able to survive the tough competition. I know several escort agencies that have gone out of the business because they didn’t provide the real pictures of their escorts on their websites.

I know several female bankers that have been managing their own escort agencies and also work as escorts themselves, each of them is quite successful as both escort and banker. They all told me that the secret is that both the businesses complement each other.

I have been doing NoFap lately to fuck as many escorts as possible and also to fuck my current girlfriend as much as possible.

I don’t remember whether I have mentioned this before on my blog but each time I tell my girlfriend that I will pull out before cumming but I always end up cumming inside her and call it semination.

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