Amateur historian spends more time on Big Booty Mania than reading history

I have a friend who reads a lot of history. This friend of mine claims that what made the Aryan race superior in the prehistoric and ancient times was their unchecked sexual indulgence.

This amateur historian friend of mine claims that the art and science of creating ceramics was far better and superior in the medieval times than any other times.

He believes that the multi-purpose satellites are a wastage of money and they should only build single-purpose satellites.

This amateur historian friend of mine says that the most attractive thing that he finds about a woman is her eyebrows. He dreams of marrying the pornstar -Anya Olsen all the time, the one who does videos for Missa X mostly, he says that he cannot get enough of looking at her videos for free on Big Booty Mania.

He claims that he doesn’t need coffee to feel energized during the day since the day he started practicing Mantak Chia’s Sharpening the Sword exercises as seen on London Real.

This amateur historian thinks that there should be more dirty talking in the straight porn where at least one real life dick and one real life pussy is involved. He says that just to hear those dirty talks, he watches the porn videos of Mindi Mink, Missbehavin26, Xev Bellringer, Mistress T, etc which he hates, because they mostly fuck dildos rather than a real dick. He says that he is surprised to learn that no porn producer feels the need to include a lot of dirty talks in their movies.

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