She met her ex boyfriend on a live cam chat website and together they relived their college days

Is the promotion of live sex cam chats a part of the New World Order? I don’t think so. Yes, I am sure about one thing though, I recently had a live amateur couple sex cam chat with this group of 4 last night, where one of the men looked just like Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall aka Diamond Studd of NWO of WWF, WWE and WCW and the other guy looked just like Kevin Nash aka OZ aka Big Sexy of the same NWO belonging to WWF, WWE and WCW. PS – I AM NOT GAY.

One dude whom I personally know, he regularly indulges in swinging, he is crazy in a way that he only spanks and French kisses the woman and also asks her to dominate him and fuck him with a strap on but on the other hand, lets the other guy do whatever he wants with his wife. Instead of feeling silly or stupid, he brags about it and also claims that he has no issues getting it up either. His mother also used to be regular in the swinging scene and he claims that she is the one who boosts his morale all the time.

There is another dude that I know who is extreme in the swinging scene, the peculiar thing about him is that he can only get hard in the missionary or doggy style position. He says that he has tried several times but can never get hard in the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position.

I know several men and women who met their school, college and other old friends in swinging parties and got to enjoy their spouses as well which is just phenomenal. Activities like these is what carved out the Protestantism out of the Catholic religion and I believe that we must be ready for a new branch of Christianity – The Swingism.

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