This sex maniac cannot stop dreaming about Sofia Rose all the time

I have a friend from Miami, FL, who owns a couple of beach shacks in Florida itself. This dude is notorious for fucking escorts, desperate MILFs and GILFs. He created a blog of his recently, where he makes controversial claims and statements regarding his sex life. Mainly advising, how he gets to fuck his wife and other women all the time at home even after having 6 kids living at his home who never got to know about his sexual activity.

This friend of mine claims that if your woman ever tells you that she loves flowers, she is a liar. He claims that women act like they like flowers in order to keep a check on you how much can their man be manipulated, which they calculate by noticing how expensive, what kind and how frequently, you buy them flowers.

He claims that he didn’t like the BBWs until he saw the infamous, award-winning BBW pornstar – Sofia Rose. He says that his most favorite Sofia Rose video ever is the one with that HeavyonHotties guy, where he is asking for a kiss from her almost every other minute in the 44 minute long video. His very first post on his recently created blog was regarding how eagerly he hopes everyday that Sofia visits his shack once. He tried to hire her as an escort but the escort agencies that claimed that Sofia Rose works with them, turned out to be fake and ran away with his money. He wrote to her on Twitter, but she never replied, now his only hope is that she visits his shack one day. I advised him to produce a porn movie with her and bait him that way, but he is not willing to perform in a porn movie. I advised him that he doesn’t need to perform in the movie but rather hire someone else to do so and get in touch with Sofia that way, but he says that he cannot endure some other man fucking his dreamgirl – Sofia Rose, in front of himself.

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