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Did I ever tell you on this blog of mine that I had my very first sex in a Minivan. And it wasn’t with any of my girlfriends but rather a street hooker, who was at least twice my age, but a great fuck. She was Hispanic for sure but I don’t know exactly where she was from. She was most likely a Cuban. She was very nice to me and kissed me on the lips for at least half of the time while I was inside her. She had very nice curly hair as well. There is one Hispanic lady whom I saw in a lingerie porn video recently who resembles her a lot. I will look out for that video and post that here to make you live and cherish the moment that I did decades ago and imagine how beautiful making love to a street whore can be, if done right, which unfortunately, most people do not.

I am a White guy but I am not happy with the things that many of the Yankees do, including the Vietnam War and now the old men belonging to the White countries (Mainly Western Europe, Australia, Canada, USA), taking advantage of the poverty of the Thai and Vietnamese young women and wasting their lives with their dead and old dicks. They should rather bring those chicks to the Western countries, marry them here and turn those young and mostly petite beauties into a citizen of a first-world country. And then the old men can stay married to them while us young guys have all the fun. This way, all of us would be happy. The Vietnamese and Thai chicks will be happy that they are getting fresh, young dicks and are now citizens of first-world countries, their families will be happy because they are happy, the young men of Europe will be happy and the old men will be happy because they will have someone to take care of them. But I know the old men of the Western World, they want it all for themselves and aren’t willing to help the society as a whole and make it a much better place.

This Live Sex Cam Chat Website owner wanted to turn the Retired Pornstar Tara Moon into a Multi-Millionaire

Blessed are those who get to fuck curvy PAWG blondes. Blessed are those who are born to atheist, agnostic or pantheist parents for they shall get to fuck big booty chicks right next to their parent’s bedrooms while their parents will look for the ways to sneak in.

I have a friend who works as an executive for one of the most popular Cam Chat websites which is also considered one of the strongest Alternatives to LiveJasmin, he told me that the Founder and the President of this live sex cam chat website is willing to go to an extent to send free merchandise to all the regular members and he shocked all the executives when he made an offer to the Retired Pornstar – Tara Moon, for a million dollar a year to work as a cam model for his website, but she declined the offer, which really hurt him emotionally, not only as a businessman but as a fan of Tara Moon as well. He also travels a lot to promote the website.

The founder of this Live Sex Cam Chat Website that I just mentioned above, believes that most of the porn industry will be family run and there will be Nepotism everywhere, mainly in the American mainstream porn industry, just like it is there in the Indian Movie Industry – Bollywood, all this is going to happen by the year 2035, he believes.

At last, i would like to end this post by reminding you all that with over 10 super-major players responsible for creating hundreds of quality porn movies a month in the United States alone, a sane English speaking male who doesn’t have any weird fetishes, can never run out of his favorite sort of porn. So, keep wanking to your favorite movies using your favorite brand of lubricant.

Can an Elon Musk take the Indonesian porn industry to a whole another level?

I once scored a stunning ballerina in my early-20s which I kept for a couple of years and I still consider it to be the greatest achievement of my lifetime considering how great she was in the bed and how many top-notch men including several Arab Sheikhs were lining up all the time to make her theirs. She was of Indonesian descent and spoke many different languages fluently, not to mention which includes English and Indonesian. I keep on looking for her lookalikes on Bokep Indo and many times succeed in my endeavors. I have jerked off to her lookalike several times and it is almost as fun as it used to be fucking her.

I recently came across a few Protestant Christians on the street who were arguing about the movie “Passion of the Christ” being an antisemitic one. I said to them that saying the movie “The Passion of the Christ” is antisemitic is like saying that fucking a woman in the ass is gay, and then I walked away like a fucking boss and I could see them mumbling curses upon me from far off.

One of my engineer friend never gets tired of repeating that the adult industry needs an Elon Musk who that is able to take the industry to a whole another level. I disagree with him completely, I believe that there are several entrepreneurs, far more talented, skilled and shrewd than Elon Musk already operating in the adult industry. Elon Musk is as overrated as any Hollywood Star, according to me.

Atheist men and women make the best strippers

If you believe in the institution of marriage and some naive Christian woman wants to marry you, then don’t decline her. Naive Christian women are the best lovers to their husbands, but they don’t make good strippers. I came to know this after once I hired a Christian stripper who happens to be the wife of a Christian friend of mine turned enemy. He used to tell us all the tales of how his wife is willing to do whatever he asks her for and happily so, but whence she came as a stripper to the villa that I booked just for the purpose, she provided me an awful experience that I cannot forget till date.

I believe that the majority of the world will never stop believing in a god of some sorts, but the difference between the gods of today and those of the future is really going to be huge. I believe that there will not be a single celibate or asexual god or messiah in the future; The messiahs of the future will just be the opposite of Jesus. I believe that the only messiah that comes close to the messiah of the future is David the Goliath.

I personally believe that the main cause behind any drug addiction is the sexual suppression. I have mentioned this on my other blogs again and again that the 1980s were the pinnacle of the drug addiction not because of any other reason than the hot chicks roaming around the streets all the time wearing skimpy clothes that were not available to fuck. It really screwed with the mind of the men and instead of fucking those chicks, they all ended up fucking their own brains with the drug use.