Atheist men and women make the best strippers

If you believe in the institution of marriage and some naive Christian woman wants to marry you, then don’t decline her. Naive Christian women are the best lovers to their husbands, but they don’t make good strippers. I came to know this after once I hired a Christian stripper who happens to be the wife of a Christian friend of mine turned enemy. He used to tell us all the tales of how his wife is willing to do whatever he asks her for and happily so, but whence she came as a stripper to the villa that I booked just for the purpose, she provided me an awful experience that I cannot forget till date.

I believe that the majority of the world will never stop believing in a god of some sorts, but the difference between the gods of today and those of the future is really going to be huge. I believe that there will not be a single celibate or asexual god or messiah in the future; The messiahs of the future will just be the opposite of Jesus. I believe that the only messiah that comes close to the messiah of the future is David the Goliath.

I personally believe that the main cause behind any drug addiction is the sexual suppression. I have mentioned this on my other blogs again and again that the 1980s were the pinnacle of the drug addiction not because of any other reason than the hot chicks roaming around the streets all the time wearing skimpy clothes that were not available to fuck. It really screwed with the mind of the men and instead of fucking those chicks, they all ended up fucking their own brains with the drug use.

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