Fuck your woman while she is still dressed up in her lingerie and feel evolved

Did I ever tell you on this blog of mine that I had my very first sex in a Minivan. And it wasn’t with any of my girlfriends but rather a street hooker, who was at least twice my age, but a great fuck. She was Hispanic for sure but I don’t know exactly where she was from. She was most likely a Cuban. She was very nice to me and kissed me on the lips for at least half of the time while I was inside her. She had very nice curly hair as well. There is one Hispanic lady whom I saw in a lingerie porn video recently who resembles her a lot. I will look out for that video and post that here to make you live and cherish the moment that I did decades ago and imagine how beautiful making love to a street whore can be, if done right, which unfortunately, most people do not.

I am a White guy but I am not happy with the things that many of the Yankees do, including the Vietnam War and now the old men belonging to the White countries (Mainly Western Europe, Australia, Canada, USA), taking advantage of the poverty of the Thai and Vietnamese young women and wasting their lives with their dead and old dicks. They should rather bring those chicks to the Western countries, marry them here and turn those young and mostly petite beauties into a citizen of a first-world country. And then the old men can stay married to them while us young guys have all the fun. This way, all of us would be happy. The Vietnamese and Thai chicks will be happy that they are getting fresh, young dicks and are now citizens of first-world countries, their families will be happy because they are happy, the young men of Europe will be happy and the old men will be happy because they will have someone to take care of them. But I know the old men of the Western World, they want it all for themselves and aren’t willing to help the society as a whole and make it a much better place.

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