Tattooed Women belonging to the Anglo-Indian community are really out of this world

I personally believe that the furniture, the infrastructure of the barber shops, the way the barbers carry themselves, the way the barber shops conduct their business and the way the barbers communicate with their buyers, everything needs to be revolutionized.

I am really glad that the hero worshiping is being replaced with pussy worshiping, lately, which is a great thing for the mind, body and soul of the straight men and the women belonging to the LGBT community.

I have traveled the world as a sex tourist and I have come to the conclusion that those tattooed women belonging to the Anglo-Indian community are really out of this world.

Another thing that I have concluded traveling as a sex tourist across the globe is that women who wear expensive perfumes and lotions, generally have stinking pussies.

I am not ashamed to admit that my mother used to be a hooker, who was regularly enjoyed by the top pro-wrestlers and their friends. The man responsible for the infamous 83 Consecutive Higher Ratings than the WWF/WWE and the man responsible for burying the World Champion Wrestling (WCW) – Eric Bischoff and his best friend – Hulk Hogan aka Hollywood Hogan aka Terry Gene Bollea, used to be the most regular clients of my mother. They would often have threesomes with her and would tear down her pussy and asshole quite often with their huge dicks.

Till date, I remember having my first sex and it was with a 20 dollar whore and that wasn’t my mother, and it is a pity, because my mother is a 2000 dollar whore and I couldn’t afford her services, although I still jerk off thinking about her in younger days.

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