Those Big Boobed Eastern Escorts love Western Men and Western Escorts with Pale Skin Love Eastern Men

If you are a music lover, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that musical preferences clearly determine sexual preferences. It is the same for an ordinary person, an escort, pornstar or a gigolo.

Myself and my bisexual friends all agree on the notion that the climate change doesn’t seem to have any effect on the warmth of the dicks, pussies or assholes. They all still feel the same and that’s the reason why both men and women equally check the Escorts and Adult Dating Listings today in the era of global warming as much as they would have done it during the Ice Age.

One friend recently told me that pornstars, escorts, pimps, madames are least likely to file bankruptcy and I wasn’t surprised at all. Each escort that I ever called to my hotel room in different parts of the world, came driving a German car, no matter how expensive the German cars were in her country.

I was recently in Thailand and I was surprised to see that those masseuses love and respect you more when you pay them in US Dollars or any other western currency. I really felt proud and more horny after my Thai masseuse told me that she is always eager to meet American clients.

It is really funny that most of the women belonging to the east, no matter which part of the east, keep running away from the sun because they believe that it is harmful for the skin and they hate the sun tan and try their best to look as pale as possible while the women of the west do just the opposite. I believe that both the westerners and the easterners should cross-change their locations and they both can live much happier lives than they do now.

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