Live Sex Cam Model was spent 2000 US Dollar as tip by a drunk voyeur just because he thought she was Stacy Keibler

Betty Zak Perry from Melbourne, Australia, is a full-time accountant and a part-time sex blogger.

Betty’s mother used to work as a stripper who knew several popular VIPs including the Canadian-American Professional Wrestler and Promoter – Pat Patterson. She tells that Pat Patterson hated being a homosexual and he would call paid companions in an effort to transform his sexual orientation.

Betty is very good friends with one of the oldest male gigolos in Australia. He is 80+ year old now and runs a gigolo service agency with his wife who is 15 years younger than himself, i.e. roughly about 65-70 years old.

Betty writes that she is happy that the live sex cams have become so popular recently, the popularity is moist likely double when compared to the previous year.

One of Betty’s very good friends is a full-time live sex cam model, who once told Betty that once a drunk guy spent thousands of dollars chatting with her thinking that she was WWE’s Stacy Keibler. He spent hundreds of dollars for her time and sent 2 thousand dollars as the tip. After he got sober, he realized what he had done and asked her for his money back which she then refused and since then he has been trying to locate her and sending her warnings with different accounts created using different IPs on her cam profile.

Betty believes that they ought to teach the importance of different poses and angles at the sex education classes. She believes that perhaps the educators are unaware of how much effect do the poses and angles have on the joy of the couple, especially a straight female.

Sex Blogger and Aeronautical Engineer claims on a Hentai Community that she can cure aging

Skyler Giddings is a sex blogger and and aeronautical engineer and pilot, responsible for writing several books on airplanes in the past.

Skyler writes on her blog that women hate small curved dicks but love those if they are long enough. She says that she lost her virginity to a middle-aged bald-head man with the similar dick and it was one of the best sex that she has ever had till date. She says that it is a pity though that she couldn’t find a husband with a similar dick for herself but she says that she is content with the 7.5″ of her husband.

Skyler claims on her blog that if a man can keep his testicles and if a woman can keep her ovaries forever young, they can achieve immortality.

Skyler once wrote on a Hentai Dojin (โดจิน) that nothing is more insulting to a woman with small boobs to refer to her boobs as lemons. Skyler has big natural tits herself but many of her friends do have small breasts and to help her friends and other women with tiny breasts, Skyler recently started working on inventing an all-natural oil to help enlarge the breasts of a woman naturally. Skyler claims that once ready, the product will equally help the gay men looking to enlarge their breasts and increase their estrogen levels naturally.

One of Skyler’s great friends is a Catholic nun, who claims that the inventors and promoters of contraceptive methods have been turned into minor gods with minor departments after they left their human bodies.