Semi-Royal Indian Perfect Bodied Babe working as a Call Girl in Goa

Mr Sunil Violino is a Half-Italian Half-Indian gentleman from Goa, India, who writes on his blog that he was once in a love triangle, he didn’t know that who he was thinking of as his lover was had been taking him for a long ride, he really believed that she loved him, only to discover later that she was going to marry a multi-millionaire just for the sake of his money, he has been hiring incall escorts in Goa ever since.

Sunil hired a duo last time and he liked the fact that they both enjoyed rubbing, kissing and playing with each other.

He also went out for a short walk in a garden nearby outside with the trio and they were very friendly with him throughout. He has been burning in desire to meet the duo again ever since.

Sunil was really surprised by the fact that one of the call girls belonged to a Diwan family of Madhya Pradesh Province of India. He says that the boobs of this one was like 2 big perfect circles; Both the breasts were perfectly symmetrical. He liked her to an extent that when she told her that she didn’t like his WCW Monday Nitro’s Kevin Nash hairstyle, he went out for a haircut the very next day, took a picture of his with the new haircut and sent the same to her through Whatsapp immediately.

The other one had the body of young Medusa of WCW Monday Nitro.